SIR CHRISTOPHER LEE He was Dracula He was Death He was Lucifer He was Dr Fu Manchu He was Grigori Rasputin He was Francisco Scaramanga He was Count Dooku He was Saruman He was Lord Summerisle He was the Jabberwocky He was Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes He was Charles-Henri Sanson and executed Louis XVI Marie Antoinette and Robespierre He recorded a heavy metal concept album about He was in the Special Forces during WW2 and hunted Nazi war When told by director Peter Jackson to imagine what a man being Charlemagne-at age 90 criminals after the war stabbed in the back sounds like Lee told him he didn't have to imagine it-he knew Saint John and the Order of the British Empire Swedish Russian and Mandarin Chinese He is a Knight-Bachelor and a Commander in both the Order of He knows English Italian French German Greek Latin CHUCK NORRIS CAN SUCKIT Sent in by Wayne Meme

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