sir júngkòøqué 1 year ago edited A girl is visiting her boyfriend in the mental institute he resides in She touches the glass that separates the two of him A tear is rolling down her cheek as she watches him twitch and laugh on the other side of the glass She didn't know it would end up like this A couple months ago he came home and beat her Tortured her mentally and physically Maimed her She didn't want to tell anyone what they found out from the happened but once cuts and bruises on her thighs and arms they took him away from her She feels like it's her fault he's here He turns around as if he can sense her presence and slowly while straining in his strait-jacket presses his forehead against the glass She can see the terror in his eyes as if he's trapped in his body without having full control He begins banging on the glass throwing himself at it wildly as the girl backs up and ααοαιιοα Found on a video for “I Will Always Love You” in Minor key Cue the dramatics Meme

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