sirobvious kitcat-italica doodstormer sirobvious sirobvious I think that around 50% of tumblr users are just balls of vitriol and malice and we've created a culture where it's cool and celebrated to be extremely rude to strangers Twitter is also worse and it all makes me really fucking sad Follow sirobv people who spend all their time in insular internet communities whereconstantly being unnecessarily hostile and combative towards strangers is considered a personality acompletely unaggressive statement Also having an extreme response to something generates more attention through likesretweetsreblogs so the most extreme negative reactions circulate the most The nature of these platforms rewards hyperbole and vitriol And as the extremes start to polarize this drives the less extreme people away from those conversation circles because they're so tired of the anger and hate this is why I've avoided most social media platforms thus far I have enough problems without being exposed to new ones on the internet Thus over time only the extremes remain and they continue to reinforce each other and be rewarded for it The whole community becomes toxic and everyone is angry until they die from early heart attacks This is a very insightful take on it and I completely agree Especially when it comes to Twitter It's impossible to be polite on Twitter because of the character limit It takes too many letters to explain anything politely with any nuance so the only way to respond to any disagreement is to call the OP a fucking idiot and then drop a reaction gif On Twitter the explanation you just gave wouldn't even have been postable I'm going to comment on to this threat to make a few brief clarifying statements about the original post because some people have taken it upon themselves intentionally or unintentionally to drastically misunderstand what I meant Fo I mean that just under the surface many people especially teenagers who end up in backwater communities like this one are quietly desperate to hurt andor exert power over other people and to this end they are constantly on the watch for a socially acceptable target They may be blogging like normal looking at funny cat gifs 90% of the time but then as soon as another person exposes their jugular they go straight for it without hesitation and they go out of their way to do as much damage as they can in their window of opportunity And we've created a society here where instead of being suppressed this desire is encouraged so long as you pick a socially acceptable enough targetand it's important to note that the funnier your attack is the less socially acceptable the target has to be as a target This post was never meant to get super popular I was really just thinking out loud but what prompted me to make this post was seeing a callout post for some dude made by that dude's former friends in which they gave out all of his contact information so that he could be harassed by the massive following of their very successful comedygimmick blog The I checked the list of grievances to find that assuming any of it was true in the first place the dude was kind of a dick But that's just it He wasn't doing anything dangerous to other people or posing any sort of lingering threat that would necessitate everybody in the world knowing to watch out for him by name he was just being an asshole with a few anger management issues thrown in there The right response would've just been to kick him out of the discord server and stop talking to him but instead they went out of their way to do as much damage to him as possible and to ensure that thousands of people harass him and he's probably going to have to abandon his various social media accounts to escape from it FO I had been thinking about this for a while how many of the funny posts that cross my dashboard can be boiled down to some popular blog absolutely ripping some random guy a new asshole with insults just for making the wrong comment on a post especially when that comment usually comes from a place of ignorance moreso than malice I'm not saying there's anything inherently and irredeemably wrong with springboarding a joke off someone's comment even if it makes that person the butt of the joke but so many of the funny posts here have such a massive disconnect between the hostility level of the comment and the hostility level of the 'clapback It's like Person1 stepping on Person2's foot in a crowded street and Person2's response is to wheel around and knock their teeth out And we celebrate this by giving it positive attention all the time We should not be encouraging this behavior This also applies to Reddit pretty much any social media platform Meme

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