SKID MARKS WHEN TO TOASS EM WHEN TO TOSS 'EM THE SMUDGE You might not have even noticed this one Advice Wash it It'll be good as new THE SHART Probably just an over-achieving fart and a bit too much fruit in the diet Advice Wash it A gentle wipe-reminder might be in order THE DARK MARK Some darkness is harder to combat than others but good may stil triumph Advice Toss it or wash it Just use a lot more detergent to fight this evil THE WIPER Is the owner of this pair of underwear wiping their ass with it? Yes Advice Toss it THE DRY HEAVE HO Listen to your body it's telling you something important when it's retching Advice Don't just toss it get a seal-able bag and take this ten-car pile-up of an accident straight to the trash OUTSIDE THE UNSOLVED CRIME Don't even ask how this slip 'n' slide disaster happened The answer is probably just going make it even more disturbing Advice Burn it all immediately!! And hide the ashes before the FBI shows up asking questions howtobeadadcom DAD Bana added The underwear shown here is depicted as see-thnu for better visbi y and for added scientific effect e scale Meme

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