SKIRMISH GAME SETUP Cerulea 8 Players List 6 8 513 Map Sie Max Players Ona an idyllic pandie Cerulea has become harried and tattle-sarred The many varieties of tarrain that usnd to draw wary Guardimen on lave are now justo many more challangs to the would-be conquaror Race Imperial Guard 412th Cadian jay Team 1 Race Imperial Guard Computer 2 110th Cadian Team 1 2 3 Player set teams Game rules Game Options Race Sisters of Battle Ardent Flame Computer Apoalypo Rules Addon Rich Resourcs Addon Rich Resource Rates Addon Army Cap +200 Addon Automatic Reinforos Addon Legio Tianicus Addon Aid Builders Addon Tian Wars Addon Tian Wars Extreme Addon Uber Commanders Adden Uar Belic Unis Addon Rabbit Speed Winiloor Annihilate Insane Al diffieulty Team 1 Quick-start Sarting resoure Yes Loek teami No Enable cheats Computer Race Space Marines Fixed Starting leation Game sped Team 1 Space Wolves Normal Yes Reource Sharing Computer Race Chaos Space Marines Black Legion High Rurce Rate Team 2 Game Options Computer Race Chaos Space Marines Black Legion Team 2 Computer Race Chaos Space Marines Death Guard Team 2 Computer Race Chaos Daemons Team 2 Daemons of Khorne Change Map Road Game start Game 8ack TUTORIAL TOSHIBA 3 Emperor protect me!! Meme

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