sky Sky News NEWS 6 hrs I have a mental illness and I struggle with that mental illness every day Lady Gaga has said Gaga reveals she has PTSD after being raped at 19 newsskycom 188 shares Like Comment Share 17K Lin Mon Cassidy Why is she so provocative? You would have thought the traumatic situation would have left her shy and conservative Odd 40 minutes ago Like Reply Darren Pedro Gonzalez Johnston Always comes after a humiliating rant She won't leave the country now trump won instead she will say it's PTSD causing her outbursts Wonder how many other anti trumpers will have mental conditions that cause political outbursts? 5 hours ago Like 1 Reply John Dennant New albums not getting a lot of attention low and behold she's been raped and has a mental illness Funny how she chooses to speak about it now And as for saying courage it would of been braver to report it straight away to the police and have that person takern away from doing it to other women no instead she chose to remain quiet till now 6 hours ago Like 37 Reply Elliot Brown She also has a new album out not like she's after publicity or anything 6 hours ago Like 6 Reply Simon Cee We've seen your choice of clothing dear and pretty well sussed that out ourselves 6 hours ago Like 5 Reply Simon Cee Replied 6 Replies p3rfectillusion girlwhometgaga Don’t ever ask me why more people don’t report sexual assault This is distgusting Meme

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