slatestarscratchpad Once upon a time there was a small desert village with a single well outside town One day a young woman went to the well to fetch water and the well heard her crying and asked What's wrong? She stopped her sobbing and asked the well You can talk? Yessaid the well Long ago the witch who lives in this town gave me life so l could serve as a guardian to the townspeople Alas said the young woman l am the daughter of that witch She lived in peace with the townsfolk for many years But the new mayor who is a violent stake I am young and still do not know very much magic I tried to curse them but my curses fizzled Now I worry I will never avenge my mother's death Do not be afraid said the well I will take care of this The next morning when the Mayor came to fetch water from the well he heard an odd noise coming from the bottom He peered over as far as he could to see what was happening Then an impossibly long arm shot up from the bottom of the well grabbed the mayor and pulled him into the well shaft There was a horrible crunching sound and nobody ever saw the Mayor again The townsfolk apologized to the witch's daughter and they all lived happily ever after Moral of the story living well is the best revenge The Guardian Wellomg-humortumblrcom Meme

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