SleepWaking up feeling better with clear plans for the day Noticing you've lost a few pounds and look a little better Routinely cook most of your own meals at home with healthier food choices You've set clear short intermediate and long term goals and are making slow daily progress Better with your money and are slowly getting your finances in order You've amped up the exercise a little from just jogging to some weight training too T0i2 13 17 18 24 25 You've had a few moments where you really wanted to go back to your Had a couple of fun get-togethers with one or two old substances but were able to close friends but no large-scale social events yet An underlying darkness has been kept at bay but you feel it still exists somewhere deep downdormant push through them and stay clean After Gradually Pulling Out of an Intense Depressive Episode Your Life Starts Coming Together For Now starterpack Meme

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