small rant you know what I hate?? when people generalize army okay so one day I was scrolling through the YouTube comments and there was a comment from someone w a jungkook pfp and the replies were of people saying the usual army !! or like hey fam ! but this one headass was like ew army leave and like ???? wtf ?? I replied KINDLY saying hey we didn't bother you how bout you leave us alone nd that's what you usually say right ?? when someone's being rude ?? and they replied saying see this is why I hate this fandom people like you ruin it by attacking everything and everyone they see aND I STARTED FUCKIFNF LAUGIING I WASNT EVEN ATTACKING THEM AND LIKE ?? CALM DOWN KAREN ITS NOT COOL OR EDGY TO HATE EVERYONE IN A FANDOM JUST BECAUSE YOU THINK ITS PROBLEMATIC AND SO I TOLD THEM THAT IN A NICER WAY LIKE HEY I WASNT EVEN ATTACKING AND YOU WERE THE ONE BEING RUDE IN THE FIRST PLACE and this hunty had the audacity to say uuuh I was being sarcastic do you even know what that is 😒 like yes b I'm an intelectual unlike you and I can tell the difference between rudeness and sarcasm Meme

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