snailienz asgardian-viking croxovergoddess susiethemoderator marrymejasonsegel quietstorm-thundathighs hustleinatrap wtf? who? I just read the plot of this and somehow it gets worse??? the dwarfs are princes under a curse In order to break the spell they need a pair of magic red shoes But currently the red shoes are owned by Snow White who get this has “let herself go” but when she wears the shoes they show how beautiful she is on the inside—aka thin So basically in order for the princes to break the curse they have to doom Snow White to a life of fatnesswhy do they hate us so much Yikes… Saw the movie recently and that’s literally not the plot at all The advertisement group was disgusting af and when the movie came out it was actually nothing like those ads The princes need to be loved by a “beautiful” woman but what’s beautiful is an opinion Snow white loves her size and strength yeah she lifts! but her dad goes missing and no man was willing to help her until she ended up in those red shoes She doesn’t like what the shoes make her into She just likes finally being helped It’s a love story between her and one of the dwarves where He needs to learn to not judge himself or other’s based off appearances Spoilers but they get together at the end He’s a prince again and she stays her cute fat self So it was really just a case of really bad marketing Meme

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