snake_case Pros Concise when it consists of a few words Cons Redundant as hell when it gets longer push something to_first que ue pop_what get whatever PascalCase Pros Seems neat GetItem SetItem Convert Cons Barely used why? camelCase Pros Widely used in the programmer community Cons Looks ugly when a few methods are n-worded push reserve beginBuilding skewer-case Pros Easy to type easier-than-capitals easier-than-underscore Cons Any sane language freaks out when you try it SCREAMING_SNAKE_CASE Pros Can demonstrate your anger with text Cons Makes your eyes deat LOOK AT THIS LOOK AT THAT LOOK HERE YOU_MORON nocase Pros Looks professional Cons Misleading af supersexyhippothalamus bool penisbig fUcKtHeCaSe Pros Can live outside of the law Cons Can be out of a job SPOngeBob CaSE Pros can mock your colleague for choosing a stupid variable name Consyou're really unlikeable Saw a post about cases decided to add my personal spin Meme

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