snakegay gayscreaming snakegay gayscreaming snakegay gayscreaming snakegay sneeking snakegay i call all my friends after 20 years of no contact and invite them to visit me at my house which is a farm in the middle of nowhere they approach the farm gates and i appear looking like this i lead you into the barn where i live and offer you snacks and refreshments it's a bowl of minnows and 3 capristun Douches accept the capri sun cautiously refuse the minnows i tell you that it's fine leaves more for me but you can tell im a little hurt we watch cutthroat kitchen in silence i seem to be attempting to drink my caprisun through my gas mask but im failing miserably you say nothing i say nothing at one point i go into a shed and bring out more caprisun pouches and a single triscuit for you Thanks oure welcome Just a normal day on tumblr Meme

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