Snapchat MoshWithTyler @MoshWithTyler Fuck it up Barbara 3m Like Reply Barbara Lynn Joy She tried her best to help and I get the feeling you were probably a bitch about it I hope they don't fire this young lady because you're impatient and expect perfection from a fast food restaurant I can't imagine how you act in a nice restaurant 2m Like Reply Barbara Lynn Joy Lashana Gorrell Barbara Lynn Joy do your teeth fall out when your eating? 2m Like Reply Add Friend Message More Barbara Lynn Joy Lashana GorrelI would say ask your man but I just went through your photos and it looks like he left your ass after he knocked you up Just now Like Reply Elementary Teacher at Jeff Davis Elementary School Lives in Biloxi Mississippi 9 3 Jesus Barb πŸ‘ŒπŸ» credit & consent @moshwithtyler Meme

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