snarling-through-our-smiles I once lost my keys at a frat house My drunk ass had actually walked home without them pounded on my apartment door gotten let in by my rightfully- disgruntled roommate and proceeded to pass out on the couch Apparently I puked in the toilet before passing out do not remember The next morning I schlepped back to the frat house I stood there right in front of the front door This was a novel experience for me I'd never been at a frat house in broad daylight before A boy presumably of the house asked me what I was doing I lost my keys in here last night I called back I was seeing if I could go in and look for them? He opened the door and gestured for me o come in Go wherever you want I'd never seen a frat house post-party Derore Wandering up the stairs a by hungover and still-drunk frat boys sandals and gym shorts seeking out food and showers like moths to a porch light A few of them threw puzzled glances my way I'm sure they thought I was some post-bacchanalia hallucination I entered one room where a boy was drunkenly watching some Old Yeller- esque movie on a tiny TV in the corner of his room from his bed Do you like dog movies? he asked voice from the fact that his face was squished against his pillow and half-buried by his blanket I told him I did e mumbled again pleased and asked what I was doing I told him I was looking my keys Sorry I haven't seen any keys around bere I didn't doubt him Twenty minutes had passed I'd searched just about every bedroom and nuclear- at dumn-site of a bathroom in that house I'd given up on ever finding my keys and was prepared to beg my roommates' forgiveness and get a new set copied As I stood there in the hallway silently a particularly burly frat boy approached me You need help with something? I lost my keys here last night and I can't find them I've looked everywhere What do they look like? I'll put it into the group chat He was already pulling out his phone No one ever checks a group chat I thought but what the hell It was worth a shot Um it's just a ring of keys The keychain is a pink plastic cat though like yea big Like bright pink you can't miss He nodded presumably typing this description faithfully into the group chat Alright I sent the message out Good luck e turned and left And with that A few moments later I heard a distant and it was getting louder and louder One assumes that how I felt in that moment was how Simba felt seeing the wildebeest stampede through the ravine as a horde large young men all thundered down the stairs making a beeling for me Someone tell the girl! One of them shouted faceless in the mob Girl! Hey GIRL! We found your keys girl!!! They circled around me I hadn't felt that old One of them split himself off from the crowd Are these -he pulled out a ring of keys from his pocket your keys? And lo there was the distinctive bright millennial pink cat keychain dangling off the ring YesI whispered Oh my god yes EYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY YYYYYYYYYY!! The cheer went up Turns out he found them in the bathroom upstairs I thanked them again profusely There was a scattered round of no problems and then just suddenly as they descended they all dispersed like ships in the night gatorfisch THIS is boys will be boys Nice Frathouse Meme

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