So it's against the law for a doctor to deny ur child checkups because you don't want them vaccinated Haha Share Comment You and 3 others All Comments er I got kicked out of a doctor office because I refused vaccines they said if I won't vaccinate my child we're not welcome there 1 5h Like Reply View 5 more replies a you can sue Take that baby somewhere where they're gonna respect your choice AS HER FATHER to not inject poisons and toxic chemicals into her body My children aren't vaccinated and one pediatrician did release them from care at his practice but we just found another right down the street For well checks only Stand your ground daddy DON'T LET THEM SCARE YOU into doing something do not have to do This doctor is you Write a comment GIF Stumbled upon a bunch of anti-vax crazies in my feed No idea who they are or how I am friends with them All the comments are like this Meme

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