So l'm in Timmy's drive thru and the lady in front paid for my coffee I then paid for the lady behind me Pay it forward So made my day Like Comment Share 12 Or pay it behind??? Haha Jk Like Reply 1 55 mins Bradwonder how many people kept the trend going before someone said screw it and took their free coffee? Like Reply 30 mins LisaNot everyone can afford to pay it forward at the same time Like Reply 25 mins BradLisa But if you are sitting in the drive thru at Timmys and you are already going to pay for your own coffee and the person in front of you pays for it then you still have your original money to keep it going The cost of Regular cup of timmys coffee is only about 20 cents between cup sizes Have a great day Like Reply 19 mins Edited Lisafair enough sorry for my comment I am unemployed and not in the drive thru Be happy for the ones that did it not critical of the ones that don't Like Reply 18 mins Edited Bradl was going to leave it at the apology but then you push it further I am not being critical of anyone I have been unemployed and in a financial crisis before Hell I have been employed and been in a financial crisis I was just making a satirical comment with my friend Nikki then you had to come in with your self righteous attitude and try to make me look like a bad person As I said before Have a great day Like Reply 5 mins Write a reply memehumor Some People Just Don’t Get It Meme

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