so mer what you do oe who you give yourself to make sure no to go mad make sure not to get lost in the chaos of love in the chaos of losing yourself within another person make sure you koow your way back home make sure you don't become cne of those people who need somecne by their side to live who need to be in a relaticnship to function prevent this at all cos find yourself and who you are without losing your poddamn soul find kve without losing your heart find trust without losing your sense of self and find someone wholl walk with you de by side not just somee who'll lead you without your consideration remember his is your life your moment your memoey and kove and no cee che's and the company of people should be a blesing not a burdena univene full of life and not a blackhole full of emptines and darknes ket it be known that you have too mach to offer and too mach to kone at the same time too much of too mach and to0 tle of too le let it be known kt it not be forgotien kove fredly but carefully love sotly but hard cnough to protect what you love without losing younelf or what you are 1m drake Meme

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