SO NONE OF YOU WANT METO TEACH YOU GUITAR?? Hi I'm Dan Smith As in Dan Smith Will Teach You Guitar? For years now you've seen my flyers on shelters light poles and laundromat bulletin boards Perhaps y looks pretty easygoing and fun Maybe I should cal m and get him to teach me quitar Maybe you evern took my number down from the fyer But that's as far as it ever went In eighteen years none of you has ever called me Al first I was discouraged but I just kept putting up these flyers anyway I put in 14- hour days making sure they were plastered hair then eans and sneakers so l'd look wanted me to teach you guitar n every god-foresaken piss-soaked cotner ot this city I updated my pictute shorter hair again I tried to keep up pproachable and easygoing wth shorter hair then longer hau with the current styies of blue jeans Nevertheless none of you fuck it I'm done Get some assYim done Get some other asshole to teach you just jack off on the s you n day or whatever it DeOple are doing Im byer is done I'm smashing h for idsoon as this last ast one of you every I dont know if this really belongs here but I guess we'll see Meme

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