So this arrived in the mail today Dear Terrible Human Being Congratulations-you've pissed someone off so much that they went out of their way to pay me to send you the worst thing you can ever receive in an envelope motherglitter Some poor idiot works 8 hours a day 5 days a week to support themselves and you've been that much of an a that they paid me to send this to you It must be a great honor receiving this tetter to inform you that your douchebaggery has not gone unnoticed Your trophy bas confe in the form of craft herpes it's sart of recognitiort for the way you waste preciousair artd peoples vahaablentímnnbeİbn little of yours Obviously auare a territle horrkje person andfriihiostaatte payback don't take it personahror do whae on are if you're at work I hope that the glitter got all over your desk fnd that your co-workers now start questioning why the-ofece idiot is spr®ading····· glitter everywhere If you're at home opening mail I really hope tnat you spilt this s everywhere And you know what? For the next few weeks gütteris going to haunt you Have a pice day! ShipYourEnemiesGlittersom Sooo much hate Meme

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