So tired of guys only wanting me For my -body I look for a meaningFul and spiritual Erelationship but Iquess they aren e 50 1 Rated Chats See this user's age gender and location by providing your own LETS GO! RATE THIS CHAT Today 1208 AM Childhood friends turned roommates you got the short end of the stick in puberty growing only to 4'10 completely flat and moved in with me 6'0 man that since childhood would always take the lead and sometimes even forced you to play what I wanted to play as roommates you were becoming around me when I started throwing my weight around and bring girls home even though it was well known you liked me Everything then changed when you hit your second growth spurt which magically made you grow 3 inches a cup size and muscle every week until you were an amazonian even more submissive V TIGNORE CHAT E ACCEPT CHAT A very detailed sexual fantasy Meme

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