Best Friend, Crazy, and Teacher: so today in my geography class the kid
 that sits next to me wasn't there. so
 about five minutes into class and the
 door swings open and the kid comes in
 and our teacher goes "you're late" but
 the kid doesn't answer and just trudges
 miserably up to the teachers desk and
 slides a note across to him. so my
 teacher opens up the note and reads it
 aloud and it says: "my best friend dared
 me to talk in only crazy frog quotes for
 the whole day and I was too stubborn to
 say no." and so my teacher just looks at
 this kid and goes "is this true?" and the
 kid just stands there for like ten
 seconds and then he sighs really
 heavily and goes "bing bing" and his
 best friend who sits at the back laughed
 so hard he had to be sent outside
I think I died

I think I died