SO WHAT'S IT GONNA BE? CYBERSECURITY EXPERT CYBERCRIMINAL STATUS STATUS Health Dexterity 110000000000000000 StaminaIIIII0000000000000 Health II1100000000000000 flavoracle pepperapb flavoracle revawo xenosagaepisodeone bitcoitus the-future-now FBI’s New Anti-Hacking Campaign Asks Teens To Be Cyber Heroes Not Cyber Zeroes This week the FBI teamed up with Europol to launch a public prevention campaign designed to “raise awareness of the risk of young adults getting involved in cybercrime holy shit I think this is gonna be extremely effective my guy I can be your cyber angle or your cyber devil I want to see the poster changed so it shows Tron on the left and Sark on the right right after he gets a disk to the head @flavoracle I’m sorry I have to leave my friends and quit my job to go join the FBI now They have discovered my weakness Meme

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