So you get why in either case if you dont know them im against both doing the soft boy uwu thing and- oh yeah you're right but also complements like oh bruh youre such a handsome manly man youre not cute at ALL bruh can come off as condescending You know some trans guys actually like the whole uwu softboy thing not all of them like IMCONVINCED GONNA GO TELL THE INTERNET Yes but its still probably a good idea to not pull the soft boy uwu thing with any transmasc person unless youre absolutely sure- hypermasc compliments true but its bad to assume either way and infantilizingfeminizing complements make a lot of transmasc people dysphoric too so IBELIEVE YOU Wait i didnt get to the part about how its ALSO bad to assume every trans guy you meet wants hypermasc compl- IVE BEEN LOOKING FOR A WEIRD HILL TO DIE ON AND ALL THE REAL ONES ARE TOO FAR FROM MY HOUSE TIME TO START A FACEBOOK GROUP AND POST LOTS OF AL CAPS COMMENTS EVERYUHERE DONT NEED IT IVE HEARD ENOUGH THIS COULD HAVE GONE BETTER S0 THIS IS MINE IM NOW gonna call every single trans guy i meet a big strong manly man bruh handsome dude beefcake ОH UEL hey transmasc peeps are all individuals you probably shouldnt assume what they want based just on their gender JUST TELL ME HOW I SHOULD TALK TO LITERALLY EVERY TRANSMASC PERSON EVER ITS A SIMPLE QUESTION Meme

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