Social media tends to be about creating the illusion that life is perfect Getting the right angle the right light the right moment that represents our entire existence We only share the things we want people to believe Its exhausting and innacurate Yes BUB has a big old bony lump on face It doesn't hurt her it doesn't affect her and she is proud of it Yes she is covered in food because she loves to eat And her fur is scraggly cause she loves to nap On top of that she is now almost 8 years old which for a cat of her stature and with so many genetic abnormalities is like a normal cat more than twice her age But the truth is that she IS living her best life She is healthy she is happy she has an impressive appetite a lust for life loves to travel and is showing no signs of slowing down It's ok to look crazy and disheveled! It only means you're actually living a real life GOOD JOB BUB Meme

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