Sofia A @BeamMeUpSof I convinced my mum to get a prayer mat for the cat cause he kept sitting on ours when we prayed and he loves having his own lil mat now im-p-short merhabi-blog post-brahmanism magenpies quecksilvereyes thistherapylife aergiaaa @muslimfinn After this week this gives me faith he’s mirroring! cats do that to be social that’s also why they will lie on laptops or books they want to do what their humans are doing because they enjoy being in the same room and socializing that way getting him his own prayer mat was a really good idea bc now he gets to mirror without being in the way! The other thing is that cats have a very good sense of time and tend to like regular schedules If OP’s family members pray every day at the same times in the same place the cat knows the drill and probably considers this an official Household Activity which requires Feline Supervision Halal kitty This cat is Muslim and there’s nothing anyone can do about that Rb to pet Muslim kitty Meme

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