Software Engineer Native Range Nerdious Geekius The elusive Software Engineer is a noctur4 nal creature rarely found at their desks before 10 or 11 in the morning but often staying late into the night They dislike being interrupt- ed while at work and it theorized that their penchant for twilight hours is an evolutionary adaptation to reduce breaks in their trance like state of coding ffeinated Beverages Potato Diet Pizza ca chips Not surprisingly Software Engineers are solitary creatures except for occasional gath- erings called code reviews In these gath- erings engineers gently pace around a clear- ing sizing up each other's work Although occasional battles will erupt they mostly end without injury and the engineer will retreat to their desk and continue to hibernate Conservation Status Endangered due to poaching and head hunting Fun Fact Software Engineers have been known to kill each other in brutal fights over identation styles The elusive Software Engineer Meme

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