sollike: customrolex: sistermaryfake: one-in-lemillion: blvckgeezus: imoverallofit: gabbythegawd: This is who Thanos THOUGHT he was. She is the Original. This level of power, with no infinity gauntlet? Thanos could never. Bro… She deflected one chair, then caught the other..WITH ONE HAND ✋ I still want to know what led to this The one who can beat Thanos all these years later and there’s still so much to unpack and so many questions left unanswered UM I JUST LOOKED THIS UP THIS IS THE END OF A FASHION SHOW IN NORTH CAROLINA. OUR LADY CHAMPION DIDNT LIKE THE JUDGES DECISION SO SHE DECIDED TO THROW A CHAIR AND THINGS ESCLATED TO THIS AMAZING FILM. WERE THE POLICE CALLED YOU ASK? WHY YES! YES THEY WERE! NO CHARGES WERE FILED AND NOT EVEN A REPORT WAS MADE BECAUSE “NO ONE ON SCENE WAS WILLING TO COOPERATE WITH ANY INVESTIGATION” No one would even make a statement! I’m losing my mind! Snitches get stitches! Don’t even tell the cops the time! Fuck em throw chairs! FINALLY SOME CLOSURE. this video has kept me up at night for years