Solomon @1anjohn Gen Z really could've been our first non-addicted to nicotine generation but then mfs made it into a thumb drive that tastes like cotton candy 225 PM 22 May 19 from Detroit MI Twitter for iPhone grizzlythresher geekandmisandry magister-christophe dukejukes It’s almost like CEOs and cooperations have an agenda making youths have addictions That’s a pretty wild accusation I can guarantee you that getting kids addicted is the last thing that the company behind Juul actually wanted You weren’t supposed to deepthroat the boot but ok While a lot of people in the Vape industry legitimately want to help people stop smoking and really don’t want you buying their stuff if you’ve never been a smoker I’m almost certain Juul is not one of those companies Considering each Juul pod has about 8x as much nicotine per oz as most juices you’d load into a tank they are only good for feeding and starting addictions as are most other Closed System Devices like them Even giving them the benefit of the doubt that they may have STARTED as not another company looking to exploit an impressionable market they almost definitely are now especially since the FDA helped eliminate a lot of their much less addictive and arguably healthier competition Meme

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