Some common examples of rule-breaking comments we see in this area involve Advocating execution of individuals ie guillotines firing squads etc And Expressing desire for physical harm to come to an individual or group of people Beyond that in general we want to remind everyone that it is against our rules to insult users including calling other users shills or Russian bots If you see suspicious activity please report it and move on and remember to attack the argument and not the user We realize that tensions are high in the realm of politics and that rhetoric has been amped up as a result However we want to make it clear that this is something we cannot tolerate on this subreddit as we do value civil conversation and interactions between users of all political stripes We hope you will help us in not only reporting this content but in keeping in mind our rules in your own personal interactions here on rpolitics Funny I don't see a stickied announcement reminding everyone not to call for execution and harm to others r politics truly is toxic Meme

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