SOME FUNNY GOOGLE TRICKS Askew When you type Askew or Tilt on google it tilts the search results page ecursion When you type this word on search you will asked again that did you mean RECURSION Do A Barrel Roll When you search for this keyword the page will start rotating in Clockwise Direction Google Space Type this and see everything floating Google Sphere This may not work for some however Google Heart This one is quite lovely and mathematical I just laughed when I saw this at first lo see a heart you need to search the given calculations on google search It will do calculations and bring you a graph plotted in heart shape Here's the code below do some changes and check the results sqrtcos x*cos 400%+ sqrt abs 4 x*xA001 Zerg Rush This is a game which is quite interesting When you type Zerg Rush on google aliens zergs start coming to your result in the shape of '0' All you have to do is just kill those and get as many points as you can You can also share your points on G+ Binary Type Binary on google search and check out It will show the number of results as About 0b1000101000010011010000 results Quite odd Atari Breakout This one is really interesting and not known by many people For this just type Atari Breakout on Google search and then click Image results A game will start automatically Gravit This trick is one of the oldest and known by almost every individual who uses google Just type Google Gravity and see what happens One Does Not Walk into Mordo This one is specially for Lord Of The Rings fans For this just go to google maps and search as follows From- The Shire To Mordor ENJOY!! laughoutloud-club Funny Google Tricks Meme

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