Some of us just need a little personal space okay? 🌳✋ A few tree species experience a phenomenon called crown shyness in which the crowns of trees do not touch resulting in a canopy with tight gaps There are many hypotheses for why this occurs One hypothesis states that the behavior might hinder the spread of leaf-eating insect larvae Another contends that the interlocking of branches leads to “reciprocal pruning” of adjacent trees as trees collide with each other during winds resulting in what looks like crown shyness A prominent hypothesis is that the phenomenon involves a photoreceptor-mediated shade avoidance response in which trees detect their encroaching neighbors and direct growth away from them These camphor trees Dryobalanops aromatica were found in the Kepong Forest Reserve in Malaysia Tag a friend who’s always up in your personal space! Photo Stuart Franklin guffscience science botany dendrology ecology biology nature earth education bestoftheday interesting didyouknow nowyouknow naturelovers natureshots nature_perfection naturephotography malaysia kepongforestreserve tree shy crownshyness Meme

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