SOME PEOPLE UST NEEDA HIGH-FIVE Kelly @OkKelly22 Migrants fleeing war and poverty charging their expensive smart phones Unreal 82715 337 PM 340 RETWEETS 156 FAVORITES shes-a-killerqueen bigcutiekelly titankoretech roseworter This is so infuriating? Like do you really think war and smart phones cant exist in the same country at the same time without cancellation? Those phones not even “expensive smartphones” are probably all the connection they have with family And that a phone = rich and that their having a phone erases their status as refugees? I got a smartphone brand new for $20 it’s not great and pretty far behind compared to the new phones but it was cheapMy friend in Columbia was able to buy a similar one for about $12And also there is the fact that you can actually be middle class or even rich and end up as a refugee!Let’s say your town floods and you can only grab what you can fit in a single backpack of course you are going to take your damn phone! ESPECIALLY when your entire family is split up cause the evacuation happened out of nowhere and you want to be able to find them again Racist white people seem to think cell phones cost $5 million dollars and nobody but tech billionaires and other whites should own them Literally everyone knows to have a fully charged phone in an emergency situation but once non westerners try to have a fully charged phone in a situation it’s some sort of fucking luxury that should be condemned Didn’t realize that disaster and upheaval came with a mandatory downgrade for your cell phone Meme

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