Sometimes we ate our own worst enemy - we speak such negativity into ourseves!!We are hat dest on ourselves!! Why?? For many of us-women men-we have had our regate voice made true by dbusers!! Whether from parents Whether from partnersor some other way it's a lie!l! For so many years youve only heard negativity even when they are out of your life their voice continues to speak in mind We need to reject that 'voice-Whether out own or others- we need to tell ourseves that is a lie! You are not hopeless weak pathetic wrong on every level stupid etcetcetc etcetcetc etcetcetc etcetcetc ies!! You are AMAZING NCREDBLY BRAVE STRONG You are a SURVVOR A WARRIOR A THRIVER! YOU HAVE MEASURABLE VALUE อุ่ WORTH-that means you cant measure its depth or width you cant add or take from it coz it's limitless! YOU ARE SO PRECIOUS stay strong itue衤honest 륙 loving衤brave Awesome Wartiorheatts! RaverRaven Melissa B <3 Meme

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