soonish There are no real problems with I know you are asking $1200 and that seems like a good price Would you be willing to hold it until next week? I really need a car but I have to wait til my taxes come Sorry I already told someone I wouldn't hold it That's fine I've had a hard time finder something reliable in my price range I'm borrowing my moms car now but it's tough to get me and her to work and my kids to preschool but were making it work Hopefully l'll get my taxes back next week No prob I actually just want the car to go to someone who needs it If you need it you can have it Thanks so much! I'll let you know as soon as the direct deposits comes through So excited! No I mean do you want the car for free? l wanted to make sure whoever got it actually needed it so I didn't list it as free because everyone would have needed it but probably just resold it What?? Are you serious? You don't have todo that the price is fine I wouldn't feel right not paying for it No srsly I want to give it to someone who needs it and you seem to genuinely need it It's yours No money needed I'm crying are you kidding? Why would you do that? No not kidding I don't need it and I figured someone else did I'm glad you'll be able to use it Can you meet today or tomorrow? Are you sure? I'm so excited and cat believe this! You have no idea how much this will bless me and my kids! Omg I'm literally crying right now Yes I can meet whenever you want but I deffnstly don't have money to pay for it right now Lol no money needed! Really except to register it I guess Let me know if you need help with that too I want to get you driving it ASAP THANKS YOU SOOO MUCH Are you real? This feels like a dream This is absolutely amazing !! A woman offered her car for free ! Meme

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