Soooo In the Grand Canyon there is a major cover up going on and on top of that an Egyptian king Kayan was the first born son of Joseph from the bible and he led egyptians here with or for Amen Ra and it is said that he was their king Now there is also the Tower of Ra Temple of ISIS cheops and and a few more I'll name when I find them this is soo undercover I had to be smart to find the right information Allot is said that it's a hoax but it is plain as day This is real These pictures and inside of king kayans temple there was found a buddha sitting in white lotus position while meditating Now the bible also talks about Joseph meditating in the fields And a few other referenceswe know that joseph got sold to the egyptians and ends up in prison then ends up translating a dream and becomes pharaohs right hand until another dream of a famine in egypt 7 years good 7 years bad and Joseph ends up pharaoh Well nowhere we sre written in stone that his son led a bunch of Egyptians to America and lived in the Grand Canyon and also puts a stone buddha not sure the time line because the orginal sources have been deleted 2 years ago it also showed proof that there is nuclear radiation 3 ft under the soil Which Implys that the Grand Canyon was hit with nuclear bombs This article was also saying that this is where Babylon was built and upon of Ras exile from egypt this was where he took over But since it's under wraps I guess we wont know but make your own decisions There is a MAJOR coverup underway Meme

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