Sorry for a wall of text I just needed to get this off my chest MYGIRLFRIEND IS IN ALOT OF DEBT AND HASALOTOFMONEY PROBLEMS SHE WANTS TO MOVE IN TOGETHER BECAUSE SHETHINKS SHARING THE MONTHLY EXPENSES IS GOING TO HELPHER SHECANTEVEN PAYA LITTLE BIT OF THE DEPOSIT FORAN APARTMENT SO SHE WANTS ME TO PAY ITAND THEN PAYME BACK LATER NOW SHE IS CALLING SICK TO WORK JUST TO HAVE TIME TO PAINT HER BEDROOMAND SHE DOESNT CARE IF SHE GETS FIRED IAM THINKINGABOUT BREAKING UP WITH HER BECAUSE OF THIS MEMEFULCOM scroub 484 Points 1h Talk to her about it if she gets her shit together encourage her If she still won't leave You can't save someone who doesn't want to be saved Reply lelouchkozuki 58 Points 1h @scroub this is what I'd recommend Talk to her and give her a chance if she refuses to take responsibility then leave Reply Load more replies ch671 242 Points 1h Have sex first then break up Reply sssupersquanchy 40 Points 1h @ch671 only reasonable comment here Reply There are 2 types of 9gaggers Meme

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