soumya2004 1d S 2 Awards It was too late Thomas had not realized what he had seen Now Thomas must retreat back to alco- holism again Depressed and now drunk Thomas decided to walk on the train tracks contemplating life He swayed back and forth in a drunken stupor whilst leaning off the edge of the bridge Looking down he chuckled miserably d rowning out his pain with each gulp Teasing himself whether he'd actually jump off or not Then Percy came up be- hind Thomas Percy shoved Thomas off the bridge Thomas screamed in agony as he fell into the pitch-black void The fall had shattered nearly all of his parts Only his head remained intact Goodbye percy said then jumped in to the depths of the River himself A solitary tear rolled down the cheek of the now severed head of Thomas Gordon the Big engine is on his usual heroin smuggling route when he notices a pile of blue metal rubble Gordon heads towards it revealing the face of Thomas Gordon felt anxiety in his chest and sweat drip from his brow He bit his lips in nervousness Oh you poor thomas darling im sorry i cant resist Gordon releases his massive 2 ton train cock he positions himself over the mouth He falls into a trance like state and thrusts harder and harder into the mouth He thrusts so hard he shakes all the heroin smugglers inside They smash against the walls of the inside of Gordon Their blood and entrails spray out of Gordons tank engine He climaxes A train roar could be heard all throughout travel town t 11k William Shakespeare's last play 1616 Meme

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