SOUND ACTIVATED CAR STICKERS S1842 lb Stick this in your back windshield and wire it up It puts on a little light show with some LEDs to the beat of your music This thing is sure to make you like a douche on any occasion DASHORN DRINKING VESSEL $2995 It's hard to go wrong with ten 5-star reviews Here's an easy way to liven up a party without actually drinking out of the tusk of an endangered animal Das Horn is made out of BPA-free plastic and a stainless steel rim It holds up to 24 ounces and comes with a stand PRAYING MANTIS EGGS $785 Who doesn't want hundreds of praying mantises running around outside their house? I've heard this is a good way to get rid of bug populations It can also land you with a neat little pet MAGNETIC THINKING PUTTY S1499 It's silly putty It has all of the awesome properties of silly putty PLUS it's magnetic This was a fucking awesome idea It comes with a powerful magnet that you can use like a snake charmer like the picture above SODA CAN BUG SCREEN S378 I have never been the same after a wasp flew into my Mountain Dew at the pool when I was little Whoever made this deserves a medal Unfortunately they ship from the UK so shipping might be pricey CROW MASK $3495 Confuse the shit out of people with this detailed crow mask With the overuse of the horse mask it's time for a change Someone should wear this with a black hoodie and chill out in a graveyard for a while BUILD YOUR OWN BALLISTA KIT $2199 ATT9om This kit allows you to make a working ballista that you can fire from your desk Using the provided ammunition this thing supposedly shoots up to 30 feet novelty-gift-ideasYou can buy these stuffs at Novelty Gift Ideas Meme

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