Southlake DPS 2 hrs HELP US IDENTIFY THIS PILFERING PREPSTER! Way back on July 31st at around 1140pm this cool dude probably named Brad or Chad or Kev but obviously not confirmed waltzed into our 7-11 at 2100 East Southlake Boulevard He wore a blue Polo shirt with fancy colors around the collar and some khaki shorts He walked to the back of the store and then came up the aisle and asked for a Juul vape pen and pod So basically he was the Juul of the Aisle ANYWAY The clerk dutifully set both of these insanely dangerous and potential hospital inducing devices on the counter for him and the clerk asked for his ID to swipe to make sure he was old enough Whatever ID BradChadKev gave the clerk it registered that his birthday was 92299 and his DL ended in -1983 He would technically be twenty years old today but just a nico-teen at the time of the offense But again junior detectives we don't know if he gave his actual DL or had ganked it from somewhere else But hey if you have a nephew or brother and they look kind of like these photos AND they just had a big birthday by all means point some fingers Speaking of pointing fingers BradChadKev then asked the clerk about some cigarettes and pointed at the ones he wanted so he could double up on the nicotine When the clerk turned the thief ALLEGEDLY and on camera grabbed the Juul and pod and ran out the door BUT GUYS IT WAS LIKE HE RAN FOR HIS LIFE We aren't talking about a cool breeze step hop and jog or even a run We are talking about that he grabbed a $46 Vape pen and then ran like one of those Boston Dynamic robots became self-aware with Al and latched its sights on him LIKE FASTER THAN THAT GUY WHO JUST RAN A MARATHON IN UNDER 2 HOURS FAST Zip! Out the door and 'round the building and into a waiting car probably driven by another bro named BradChadKev You probably thought he tried to escape into a waiting boat because of the Sperry's but nope it was a car If you recognize this thief please reach out to crime analyst Diana Smith at 817-748-8915 or dsmith@cisouthlaketxus As always you can always reach out to us anonymously on our social media platforms Also DON'T VAPE POLICE 237 Comments 328 Shares 843 Like Comment Share Most Relevant Write a comment Southlake DPS UPDATE! It only took you super sleuths 25 hours to identify this JUUL THIEF! You guys are amazing and another success story! MORE INFO TO COME yet we are heartbroken he's not a BradChadKev but can you imagine if he was?! E 48 Like Reply 18m Edited A Hide 15 Replies View 2 more replies $2 on Connor Like Reply 15m Southlake DPS kyle Like Reply 15m Will Thompson I bet its Robert LoL Like Reply 15m Edited Southlake DPS a charity we don't see why not?! lf you donate proceeds to Like Reply 14m lolliI I say Brian or Scott Like Reply 14m Southlake DPS Corky! Like Reply 14m got $5 on Ben Like Reply 12m that's Kahnur Haha Reply 12m Top Fan Southlake DPS somebody is about to cancel great work!!! their weekend plans Like Reply 11m He is def a Jason lol Like Reply 11m Edited Ф Тор Fan Hunter or Logan Haha Reply 10m $5 on Jacob Like Reply 9m I'm putting 5 Facebook bragging points on the name Keith I'd put down 'real money' but I'm a grad student E Like Reply 8m Edited I'm gonna go with Blake for $1000 Alex Haha Reply 4m REWARDS TREWARDS REWARDS Southlake TX PD ask to identify a shoplifter and people try to guess the dude's name Meme

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