Sp3ctre7171 points 3 hours ago You are absolutely correct 1 Miro learned to use the mobility of Winston as well as his primal to invent modern dive He learned all of the tips and tricks and extracted extra value out of the hero that few realized was there In doing so he created a role that used main tank as an offensive centerpiece and threat to the backline and all of a sudden flank heroes weren't alone A poorly protected ana in the back could be beset by multiple members of the enemy team without much warning However this required both new gamesense from miro and innovations in lucio play from Tobi Specifically tobi was able to peel for jehong better than many players thought was possible compensating for the lack of defensive shields The compounding innovation led to LH being an offensive threat at every position and it made it possible for them to do the miraculous turnarounds that defined their APEX championship runs Playing against them was exhausting as is expected from a team where any one member can wipe you out if left unchecked 2 Gesture's contribution was twofold Firstly he extracted more value out of winston's kit on the defensive side learning how to use primal both to continue an attack and to peel for his own back line which leads into his second main development That being under Gesture the final decision was made to transfer shotcalling duties from the main support lucio and later mercy and onto the main tank primarily because engagements were no longer dictated by speed boost but by the dive from the main tank Together with the rest of GC Busan Gesture planned called and executed crisp dives that were far better timed and aimed than those of old LH Whereas Miro's dives were a terror because you would be under attack from multiple divers the style that Gesture led the way on involved being instantly deleted by a full dive where a healer pair could be hit with burst from multiple heroes in the same instant This in turn changed the Winston interplay into a mind game where there was a choice to be made between deleting the enemy's backline and attempting to save your own Winston players were forced to learn how to make each leap and pincer engage perfect or they would simply lose the fight Permalink Embed Save Parent Report Give Gold Reply Sp3ctre7160 points 3 hours ago Continued 3 what guxue is introducing is a Winston as the focus of a dive not just the linchpin While that sounds like the same thing previously the Winston would be used to coordinate dives and call the timing but with Guxue resources are poured into the Winston to make sure that he can have offensive value Both because Winston can do damage to the whole team at once and thus build ult insanely fast against teams pocketing a zen or against GOATS comps but also because Winston can simultaneously disrupt the escape methods for healers AND bypass most of the ways in which healers are protected such as matrix and shields Guxue's innovations are most similar to miro's in that they are mostly focused on a single player's style and that one hero's impact in a game Changing the offensive presence of a hero is impactful and increases the visible skill gap between good and bad teams but the effects are mostly limited to that one hero For that reason I think that the innovations brought forth by Gesture and many others are the most important to the development of modern Winston play in that they represented a fundamental change in the whole shotcalling and tactical philosophy of dive teams and opened the gates to the more complex and match specific strategies that we saw in the overwatch league owldesk some really good tank playstyle analysis on reddit as a side note this guy is apparently gonna have analysis articles out soon and you better BELIEVE i’m gonna link them bc if they’re anything like this write up they’ll be great Meme

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