spacebattles I wish more foods were named in the same vein as I Can't Believe Its Not Butter! redfurniture You've Got To Be Pulling My Leg THIS Is Ranch?! dadcore420 Shut The Fuck Up Are You Telling Me This Shit Is Ketchup?? thesleepiestboy I Firmly Believe This Is Not Mustard And I Am Horribly Wrong responsible-reanimation I Refused To Believe That This Condiment Was Barbecue Sauce And I Have Been Summarily Flayed For My Apostasy sigmaleph I Assigned Negligible Probability To This Being Chili Sauce And Have Since Updated pluspluspangolin In Which Your Humble Narrator Assumed That The Substance Within This Container Was Not Worchestershire Sauce Only To Be Rudely Awakened From This Delusion By Mysterious Circumstances ugly-bread Fuck me Linda if this shit is mayonnaise I'm going to sell my first-born Source spacebattles I cant believe its not butter Meme

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