SPDR MNKY xYiIl DailyGeekFacts Todd McFarlane co-creator of Venom has recently stated that it does not bother him that Spider-Man will not be in the 'Venom' movie “Here’s what I will say about the Venom movie to circle back I think it’s a little weird of people going ‘If there’s no Spider-Man how can there be a Venom?’ I think for me it doesn’t make any sense that sentence Either a character is good or a character is not good If you have a character that always has to be the link to a certain situation then over time it’s gonna get redundant and-or it’s gonna get myopic right? Look I’m the guy who was there helping invent the guy It doesn’t bug me that there’s no Spider-Man As a matter of fact I like that he’s gonna try to go out on his own and stand on his own two feet and not have the crutch of Spider-Man” _ Artwork by @spdrmnkyxxiii Meme

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