Speechless but I can write this post We did not imagine this happening 10 months ago when we made a courageous decision to get unstuck in business and in lifeA Today 4 of our leaders are ranked in the TOP 10 in production in a multi- billion dollar operation It's so exciting and fuliling to see so many others find a safe place and a strong support system to grow themselves and build a business to last a lifetime The success stories and personal transformations are truly remarkable They will bring you to tears? We are so proud of each and every one of these go-getters for crushing their goals in August and reaching a new level in their business The biggest month on record so far means more lives has been positively impacted by our products and leadership Not even a year this whole team has reached a NEW level of momentum HHA e are just getting started us and these top not about to let anything STOP us from helping more people reach a new level of success and self growth ders are Congratulations to each and everyone of you!! We are proud of your commitment and courage to make a big difference in your lives and in the lives of others A The only way to go from here is up! Lef's GROW through EVERYTHING we go through FREEDON EAM RECTOR REEDOW FREEDO R TEAM #3 CAM RECTOR SNESS NORTH AMERICA TEAM HEEDO wwwic AM FREE RECTOR12 USA #5 EAM DLCTOR NORTH AMCA FREED Anyone know which MLM this actually is? They've been posting stuff like this for years with no direct referral to an actual company just this vague shit Meme

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