spocksplum: deepfriedfuckpotato: quousque: advanced-procrastination: captainkirk94: goldenpoc: exomoon: rexpinn: emiria: theradicalace: tossingtelevisions: Bitch WHAT THE FUCK what the FUCK ???!!!!?? Yo, this guy sold his soul for this or something holy fuck i feel like i just watched something forbidden for mortal eyes I’m the black lady in the audience LIKE DAMN OKAY So….do i go to church tommorrow or stay in? MAGIC TRICKS ARE SIMPLY SLEIGHT OF HAND, USING REDIRECTION TO TAKE YOUR FOCUS OFF THE THING THEYRE MANIPULATING. THAT IS NOT THIS. IT SEEMS LIKE IT AT FIRST BUT THEN HE STARTS DOING THIS SHIT IN PLAIN SIGHT, AND LETTING US ACTUALLY SEE THE SHIT TRANSFORMING AND CHANGING PLACES. THIS ISN’T SLEIGHT OF HAND. THIS ISN’T A MAGIC TRICK. ITS JUST FUCKING MAGIC. ???? what??? the fuck??????? “Oh, I think I see the moments there where the actual transfer is happening, but he’s really good at it,” I thought at first.  Promptly followed by, “Wait what the fuck what the FUCK” Mmm bruh this guy needs to be arrested by wizard police for violation of the statute of secrecy