spooky gay tweets @trashygaytweets Follow Apple taking my battery life every time they announce a new iPhone homme fatale 001 457M views 719 PM 17 Sep 2018 18159 Retweets 55860 Likes @舝 &堂4 Kacton DeVoti @KactonNation Sep 17 Replying to @trashygaytweets Just like ford be taking your car's battery life every time they announce a new car huh? GIF Aaron Robertson @AaronRobbo1995 23h You must have missed earlier this year Apple was busted deliberately making their products to only last a certain length of time they literally make them to stop working in order to force you to upgrade Kacton DeVoti @KactonNation 23h three questions 1 did u get that from FOX? 2 do u even know what a battery is? 3 do u know what the purpose of the new iOS 12 is? Aaron Robertson @AaronRobbo1995 23h They literally have divisions of the company for the product to have a shorter lifespan this isn't news started back in the 19th century for lightbulbs they made them so they never die then realised how uneconomical that is for profit whose sole purpose is to find ways Kacton DeVoti @KactonNation 23h So u did get this from FOX Tweets 9913 Twee Kacton DeVoti @KactonNation Case-ton Working in tech Overwatch Gaymer-ScamLikely# 1712 married to the guy kissing my cheek San Jose CA mentakill Meme

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