Sprint 249% 1029 PM Posts Porschea Stansberry 27 mins 2 Why do most people with a IPhone assume that if you have a android it's because you couldn't afford a iPhone? It's a phone not a ferrari so simmer down Some of us looked at the phone The specs The features The camera The operating system YouTube comparison videos and simply chose Android over Apple because it was our preference You're not some classy socialite because of your phone lol All major carriers are giving the phone away with new plans How dare you act fly with a phone that you either got for free with a new plan or that you're financing E One chick I know personally says she can't even date a dude without a iPhone This chick don't have edges and got the audacity Man let me shut up Lol Reposted Haha Comment O Write a comment IPhones make niggas feel rich when the only car some of em got is on their racing app Meme

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