Sprint 67-1 249 PM Put 3 rounds in his chest and watch him drop Then I would call 911 and l'd let the rest of the night play itself out Hopefully though l'll be sleeping in my own bed cuz I love my bed 12 hours ago Like Reply58 View 13 previous replies l hate my bed Good luck I got my rotwiler waiting for that ass and if he gets passed him then my 5 cats will get that nigga and if he passes them then my double barrel is right next to my bed but before that I'm hitting him with my wife's big ass dido in his fucking eye Imfaoooo0000o bring it brock 10 hours agoEdited Like Reply View 14 previous replies hev will never understand so Write a comment GIF What would you do if Brock Lesnar broke into your home? Meme

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