Sprint 918 AM 99% 2 hrs This is probably so ridiculous right? With all that's going on attacking us and our choices I keep thinking we could all put x amount of money toward an island big enough to start our own toxin free community We come from so many professions that we would have all the electricians doctors midwives farmers and teachers etc that we would need Does anyone else think like this? I would feel so at peace raising my family around like minded people We may not all believe the same way in faith or spirituality but I don't think that would be an issue You have to request a price for this 16000 acre island but if it's $50000000 then only 8000 people or families would have to pay a little less than $7000 US each cricket 670 CO ■ 758 rivateislandsonlinecom 5 SALE RENT S ISLAND British Columbia Canada S Price Upon Request Large Acreage Ocean Island Income Potential Write a comment 01 GIFじ 50 million to do what smallpox does for free Meme

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