Sprint u 111 50% 1626 pm Konio FOLLOW Under D&D rules a dagger does 1d4 base damage The average human has a Strength score of 10 adding no bonuses Several of them due to the military background of many likely had strength or dexterity scores of 11-14 But only two or three and quite a few would be frail with old age sinking to 8-9 strength All in all we can only add a total of +1 damage per round from Brutus An estimate of sixty men were involved in Caesar's actual murder Not the wider conspiracy but the stabbing Julius Caesar was a general which is generally depicted as a 10th level fighter Considering his above baseline constitution and dex weakened by his probable history of malaria epilepsy andor strokes -1 dex modifier and lack of armor at the time of the event he would likely have something along the lines of AC 9 and 60 HP The senators would likely hit him roughly 55% the time So the Roman senate had a damage-per- round of 66 more than enough to kill Caesar in one round even without factoring in surprise round advantage #dungeons and dragons #julius caesar Yet another one about the Ides of March Meme

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