St Patrick's Day Men Thurs 14th - Sun 17th All Prices Include Sales Tax Starters Spud Mountain 12 B&D fresh cut fries with cheddar jack cheese bacon & fresh chives Corn Nuggets 9 Breaded sweet cream corn fried served with ranch Grilled Buffalo Chicken Dip 11 Fresh gril Riokr i rreamy buffalo dip Topped with melted cheddarjoFFENDING COMMAND imagella chips for dipping ERROR ioerror STACK Buraers dictionary- JSDA Angus P fresh never frozenTurkey or Veggie esh cut fries coleslaw or applesauce All burgers will be s B&D Burger* 12 Simply a hamburger Classic & Delicious The Telfair* 14 Cheddar cheese & applewood smoked baco Ft Jackson* 14 Creamy Buffalo dip and bacon The Moon River* 14 Provolone cheese&sautéed mushrooms The Colonial 15 American cheese applewood smoked bacon and a fried egg Consuming rare or medium rare cooked foods may inc This place has some Exceptional chicken dip Meme

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